STS Sales and Catering System Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation in Hospitality Technology and Record Growth

Since the start of 2021, STS has welcomed 200 new properties; the company credits strong relationships with customers and focus on delivering value for its longevity and growth.

Powered by, 2021 marks the 30-year anniversary of STS, a market-leading sales and catering system for hotels, resorts, and venues. STS has also seen an upward growth trajectory welcoming over 225 new properties since the start of the year and has signed over 50 new properties in June alone. Click here to learn more about STS Cloud for sales automation, productivity, and efficiency.

Reflecting on the milestone, Ryan Hamilton, co-founder of, said, “A technology that has been successful for three decades can thrive only if it consistently delivers outstanding service and solutions that its clients need to generate more revenue, operate more productively, and makes their business more profitable. We’ve always grown organically, with our clients sharing their great results and experiences and recommending us to their colleagues. Over the years, we have worked closely with thousands of operators to develop modern functionality that is flexible, easy to use, affordable, and feature rich. Now that hotels are recovering from the pandemic, we’ve seen tremendous demand for our products as more hotels look for a reliable technology partner to help them move forward.”

The STS journey began in 1991 when visionary developer Dexter McKenzie introduced STS to the industry as a cutting edge, easy-to-use, and affordable sales automation tool. In 2010, STS evolved into STS-R, providing STS clients with remote data access. In 2012, STS integrated with the leading proposal solution, ProposalPath by Bluebuzzard, founded by Ryan Hamilton and Brian Eng. By 2016, development began for a cloud-based STS solution, and in 2017, Ryan Hamilton, Brian Eng, and Dexter McKenzie officially form In 2018 the company launched the STS Cloud, and today, is one of the fastest-growing hospitality technology brands, serving over 10,000 hospitality sales and catering professionals around the globe.

STS Cloud is an end-to-end automation solution that streamlines lead management, RFPs, digital proposals, bookings, BEOs, contracts, workflows, and delivers business insights. Key features include CRM, group management, lead capture, opportunity management, reporting, and more. The platform is available as a desktop or cloud-based solution, accessible from PC, tablet, and mobile devices.


Ryan expresses deep gratitude to the company’s customers, saying, “We are incredibly grateful to our customers for believing in and supporting us. They trust our software to run their businesses, and it is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We have seen many hotel software companies come and go over the last few decades, and since the very beginning, our priority has been listening to hoteliers’ needs and partnering with them to achieve their goals. Ultimately our success is measured by the success of our customers, and we look forward to continuing to bring the greatest value possible.”