Event Venue Solutions​

STS Cloud is the low cost, cloud-based venue event management solution built for busy properties. 

event table set up on laptop screen

Event Management Just Got Easier with STS-Cloud

STS Cloud can adapt to those venues without overnight rooms, and provide full featured management of function space, menu management and detailing client events. 

Customize To Your Venue

Custom build your event spaces and combinations as needed, and create BEO’s to fit an organization’s style.  

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Take Control of Your Menus

Master menu items are stored within the system, and are easily accessible to update pricing make menu additions, deletions, and can be group into categories to help users access and find items even in the most complex of menu selections.

Stay Organized with Our Function Diary

Our Function Diary will set up your venue so you can block space, avoid overbooking space, and set the tone for detailing each event, adding menu items to functions, making all the specific notes relative to setup, audio visual, food, beverage and special items. 

banquet event order (BEO)

Make BEOs Your BFF

Bulk print BEO for a range of dates, or per client.  Maintain a client facing BEO version and one for internal staff.

Forecast with Ease

Track forecasted sales against finalized menu item details, and easily review variances between those food and beverage minimum guidelines and your forecasted sales against actual revenues.

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STS Cloud Does It All

Find out all that the STS Cloud sales and catering software can do for your event venue.