Extend your STS-Cloud functionality with online sales proposals, E-signatures, online RFPs and other time-saving add-ons.
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Make STS Cloud Work Even Harder

Consolidate these powerful sales and catering technologies under STS Cloud and spend even more time with customers and less time juggling administrative tasks.


Create engaging and effective proposals for the variety of industries and market segments you serve.

Professionally designed

Our design staff will work with you to build a custom proposal that wins business.

Mobile friendly

Desktop or mobile? Our digital sales proposals look beautiful on any device.

Detailed analytics

Organize, track, and report on your team's outbound sales efforts

All your sales collateral in one place

Your catering menus, A/V pricing, fact sheets, and other sales collateral are securely hosted and easily sharable.

Videos & site tours

Quickly add personalized video messages or build custom narrated tours

Online RFP Forms

Create web-based RFP forms that send leads directly into STS-Cloud.


Create RFP templates for social, corporate, or inquires for events and groups.

Add To Group Pages

Add as a Request for Proposal button on your web site's group pages.


Immediate notification of leads received to the team for rapid response.

Build Customer Relationships

Use as a standalone for your front desk team to submit leads from their guest interactions, getting rid of notes and emails to track performance.

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Online Menus

It’s easily to customize, update, and share menus with your customers with STS Cloud’s online menus feature.

Upgrade your Word doc menus

Harness your menu data, including current pricing and menu items, into a visually driven interactive web link for clients.

Go digital

Reduce paper and PDF copies with the wrong or old details floating out in the sales office or with past clients.

Always up-to-date

The links will always show your updated selections and current pricing.

Customizable menus

Include only relevant menu categories in your link and change as needed to focus on relative information for clients to quickly and easily select menus for their events.


Manage all your contracts digitally, with STS-Cloud E-signatures.

Powered by Docusign

We partnered with one of the industry leaders in electronically signed documents.

Fully integrated

Never leave STS Cloud to generate or process documents.

Safe & secure

Have peace of mind knowing that all your records are stored securely.

PCI compliant

Add our credit card authorization form for a PCI complaint and secure storage of credit card details, accessible only by designated users.

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Floor Plans

Highlight specific meeting rooms for an event with our integrated Meeting Space Mapping tool.

Auto-generated floor plans

Create a proposal, fill in the rooms being used for an event, and let our system do the rest!

Customized for each client

Present the complete vision to your customer. Highlight specific meeting rooms being used for their event.

Map it out

Showcase the proximity of meeting rooms in relation to one another.

Get all the specs

Provide detailed specs on the size and capacity of each room.

Visrez Floor Plan Builder

Visrez is our state-of-the-art 3D diagramming application. Create realistic event diagrams from realistic models and transform the event sales and diagramming process.

Photo-realistic, 3D diagrams

Create photo-realistic, 3D event diagrams to allow your clients to visualize their events.

Customized to your client's event

Custom built for any event-sized space.

Unlimited creativity

Create floor plans using unlimited objects, props, and equipment.


Export your finished floor plan as a PDF or create a shareable link for online viewing.

floor plan builder on laptop screen