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STS Cloud is the one system that can provide a true operating solution for sales and catering associates across multiple properties.

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The All-in-One Solution for Multi-Property Sales and Catering Management

STS Cloud is a multi-property management powerhouse, giving management companies a detailed view of sales and catering performance across their entire portfolio.

Create & Maintain Standards

Management companies need a system that can provide a true operating solution for sales and catering associates.  STS Cloud can be setup with a management company to provide standards for sales activities and apply connectivity to their properties for at-a-glance views of key metrics and measurements of their portfolio’s success. 

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Customize To Suit Your Needs

Customize settings like segmentation and activity types, assure budgets are updated and accurate, and apply company-wide standards. STS Cloud even offers flexibility to customize for special property-level needs. 

Multi-property Management

STS Cloud offers a corporate gateway for multi-property management, allowing users to have one login and the ability to look at the portfolio with no added cost.  

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Support for Cluster Sales Environments

Set up your hotels for a cluster sales environment, where users share a single account and contact database. Your team can then book events and groups at specific hotels within the portfolio.  Or, create separate databases per hotel, so that users may toggle between hotels to access and book while keeping data files separate as needed.


Data compilation and standard views are paramount for many organizations with a variety of data channels on property.  We offer a connection to ProfitSword to load call activity and booking data, and our rollup reporting view in STS Cloud will keep your regional team updated on group and catering production.  Best of all, there is no added fee for the ProfitSword data feed!
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STS Cloud Does It All

Find out all that our sales and catering software can do for your management company.