STS Cloud Becomes the Preferred Sales and Catering System of Award-Winning Genesis Hospitality Management’s Growing Portfolio of Hotels

Genesis Hospitality Management praises for seamless implementation and exceptional service experience, moves 10 properties to STS Cloud

 Genesis Hospitality Management, a leading hospitality management company, has moved 10 of their Canadian hotel properties onto’s STS Cloud platform. Since its original implementation, STS Cloud has become the preferred platform of Genesis Hospitality Management’s ever-growing portfolio of hotels.

Before making the switch to STS Cloud, Genesis Hospitality relied on a legacy, all-in-one system that was ultimately unable to scale effectively alongside the brand, especially as Genesis looked to acquire new hotels. With STS Cloud, Genesis Hospitality was finally able to embrace a more flexible, cloud-based CRM solution that integrated seamlessly with their PMS and offered unlimited scalability and derived key insights via advanced reporting metrics for head office and management.

“We underwent a thorough evaluation of our operational systems four years ago,” explains Colin Goring, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Genesis Hospitality Management. “This evaluation included the PMS and CRM systems we used for banquets, events, groups, and more. The CRM system we formerly relied on wasn’t fully integrated; it tracked event orders, but not customer relations. With our brand’s continued evolution in mind, we began our search for a cloud-based CRM platform that offered seamless integration, advanced reporting functionality, and a truly user-friendly experience for our sales teams. STS fulfilled this wish list in a way that far exceeded what we expected, and at an incredible price point — especially compared to competitors.”

The STS Cloud platform offered a smooth and seamless implementation process, requiring minimal staff training. Across Genesis Hospitality properties, the system was configured in a few hours, and the hotel staff was able to adopt and leverage the platform with enthusiasm. “It essentially only took a morning to configure STS Cloud at each property. The team helped us prep everything ahead of time, and we were able to hit the ground running as soon as the implementation was complete,” shares Goring. “We haven’t looked back since.”

The flexibility of STS Cloud was of notable importance throughout the pandemic, as the Genesis Hospitality Management team experienced significant staffing changes. Like many hospitality brands, Genesis relied on platforms like STS Cloud to offset the operational burden on staff, allowing their teams to do more with less. STS Cloud has empowered Genesis Hospitality sales teams to collect leads, manage client touchpoints, send customized sales proposals, manage bookings, and build out intuitive workflows with ease.

“Our platform is specifically designed to empower unparalleled scalability, at an incredibly affordable price point,” adds Rick Day, VP of Sales and Implementation at “With a client like Genesis, we are considering the needs of properties as small as 100 rooms, and larger properties that span 300 rooms and 50,000 square feet of banquet space. STS Cloud allows our clients to manage the entire sales and catering process from start to finish, across properties of all size and scale. The solution can ramp up or scale down based on the individual needs of each property.”

With this in mind, the STS Cloud platform has made it easy for sales teams across Genesis Hospitality properties to adjust to the ever-evolving challenges of the pandemic. “The pandemic was challenging – our sales force decreased quite a bit as everything came to a standstill, especially groups and events,” reveals Goring. “We had to streamline our operations to accommodate a downsized salesforce, and STS Cloud helped to simplify this process, allowing us to amalgamate users quickly and easily, with complete peace of mind.”

Now, as the hospitality industry shifts into a period of post-pandemic recovery, Genesis Hospitality Management hotels are well positioned to capitalize on a resurgence in travel demand. “STS Cloud has been, by far, the most seamless customer experience we’ve ever had while deploying a system over the last four years,” shares Goring. “Now that things are starting to turn back around, it’s been easy to scale back up to meet increased demand. We are cautiously optimistic for the future, and STS Cloud will, without a doubt, be our preferred platform at any new hotels brought into our portfolio.”

To learn more about STS Cloud, visit Sales and Catering Software Solutions | STS Cloud – Sales & Caterin.