Leading Hotel Brand Valor Hospitality Selects STS Cloud as their Preferred Sales and Catering Platform Partner for 8 Properties

Valor Hospitality Partners is Utilizing SalesAndCatering.com’s STS Cloud and ProposalPath across 8 properties to empower a stand-out group sales process that consistently wins more business

Valor Hospitality Partners, a full service hotel management, acquisition and development company with a track record of excellence, has partnered with SalesAndCatering.com to transform their group sales processes. Using both STS Cloud and ProposalPath, Valor Hospitality Hotels are primed to stand out from competitor properties, capitalize on leads, drive revenue, and consistently over-deliver on meeting and event bookings.

The partnership between Valor Hospitality and SalesAndCatering.com first began in 2019, and once STS Cloud was introduced to the market, Valor Hospitality implemented the platform at one of their key locations, the Holiday Inn Memphis Conference Center.  Following its resounding success leveraging the next-generation, full-service, and cloud-based platform, Valor Hospitality moved to implement the solution at 9 other properties. Currently, Valor Hospitality has 10 properties utilizing both STS Cloud and ProposalPath, and 5 properties using ProposalPath on its own.

“I began working with the SalesAndCatering.com team years ago, prior to my transition to Valor Hospitality. Given my previous success using their platforms, I knew I wanted to bring ProposalPath to Valor Hospitality to help our sales teams create proposals that would set us apart from competitor properties and win more business,” shares Wade Bryant, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing at Valor Hospitality. “ProposalPath and STS Cloud are both robust and user friendly, two qualities that don’t often go together. As expected, these platforms have provided critical support to our sales teams, and allowed us to not only enhance our sales practices and maximize staff productivity but continue to scale towards the future.”

Valor Hospitality is a widely successful comprehensive service provider; one which is known across the industry for effectively protecting investor and owner interests while guiding its properties towards success. As a brand, they are dedicated to re-imagining the hospitality experience, and there is simply no better way to accomplish that goal than with the help of a technology vendor that demonstrates that same intention.

ProposalPath has helped Valor hotels to seamlessly enhance the presentation of their proposals when responding to group, catering, and wedding RFPs, while STS Cloud has saved them time and key resources while empowering their sales teams to close more business.

“We are in the business of providing exceptional support to hotel sales teams, and Valor Hospitality boasts a portfolio of exceptional hotels primed to capitalize on opportunities with the help of our platforms,” shares Ryan Hamilton, Co-Founder of SalesAndCatering.com. “It has been an incredible pleasure to provide this leading hospitality brand with the cost-effective, full-function tools required to not only maximize revenue and drive group business, but to continue scaling towards an exciting and ambitious future. We look forward to being a key part of that future.”

About SalesAndCatering.com, LLC

SalesAndCatering.com provides the most affordable full-featured Sales and Catering systems for hospitality. Its STS Sales and Catering system is widely installed and engineered to give property sales teams the sales tools that help them achieve their goals. SalesAndCatering.com’s cloud and on-premise systems are developed and supported from the company’s US-based offices. It is a trusted full-service sales and catering partner that delivers solutions via a software-as-a-service model that ensures greater client communication to streamline the sales process and maximize staff productivity. SalesAndCatering.com’s systems help hotel companies meet revenue goals through anytime-anywhere data access and integration with multiple PMS systems. Available as a desktop or cloud-based solution, STS delivers unparalleled performance to help you thrive in today’s competitive sales environment. For more information, please visit salesandcatering.com.


Valor Hospitality Partners is a full-service hotel management, acquisition and development company offering an array of services including site selection, product selection, entitlements, financing solutions, conceptual design, construction and project management, procurement, technical services, pre-opening hospitality management and operations management. Valor Hospitality Partners is a proven hospitality management company driven by excellence and achievement of top and bottom line targets. Our on-time/on-budget ethos, combined with our willingness to invest directly in projects, ensures we are aligned with owners and investors. As a comprehensive services provider, Valor Hospitality Partners can also plan and oversee the refurbishment and renovation of existing properties and assist ownership in positioning. Unlike most traditional hospitality management companies, Valor Hospitality Partners’ extensive background and expertise in capital markets gives us unique insight to address property level capital requirements as well as operating