How Can Your Hotel Win More Sales in a Changed World?

Free guide reveals best practices for proposals that 'wow' your prospects, and win you more profitable group business.

Hospitality is a notoriously competitive landscape, one in which business is earned, not given. This will remain to be true as we move beyond the restrictions of a year-long pandemic, with prospective travelers hungry for new experiences, new landscapes, and renewed connections with peers, colleagues, friends, and family. This pent-up demand for safely managed travel and events will, in large part, help to define the hospitality industry’s long-awaited path to recovery. And now, more than ever before, hoteliers are encouraged to turn their attention to group business.

In-person meetings and events are expected to surge in the latter part of 2021, with companies planning to host/attend various small to mid-sized events with up to 500 attendees. The events and meetings that take form this year will be smaller in nature but increasingly omnipresent. Companies and groups now seek out opportunities for safe, in-person gatherings in a controlled and effectively managed setting.

Hotels and venues that can seamlessly plan and execute intimate experiences that prioritize both the well-being of the attendees and the quality of the attendee experience are sure to succeed. The only question that remains is, how will your hotel stand out from the competition? How can your hotel effectively (and consistently) capture prospective planners’ attention to win group business?

The answer, as you might have imagined, lies in the proposal.

There’s a famous quote that reads, “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.” Exceptional sales teams know this to be undeniably true a relationship with current or prospective clients extends far beyond the point of purchase. Instead, the sales funnel is an ongoing courtship, and, in the realm of hospitality and events management, the romance begins with the event proposal.

To attract prospective planners and win business, hotel sales teams must capitalize on every lead by making a lasting first impression. In this way, the event proposal represents a pivotal opportunity for sales managers to clearly demonstrate how they will provide value to a prospective planner and, more importantly, help them win with a successful, memorable event.

Hotel sales proposals are, in many ways, your elevator pitch. If you only had a few minutes to sell a prospective client on what you have to offer, how best would you use that time?

Fortunately, we can tell you exactly how to use that time wisely. ProposalPath has developed a comprehensive guide to winning hotel sales proposals in a changing world to help hotels leverage the power of effective sales proposals. This guide was created to answer precisely those questions such as:

  • What proposal practices will be shelved to make way for a new and improved sales process?
  • What role will group travel and events play in the anticipated recovery of hospitality?
  • What role will technology play?
  • Has the hotel sales proposal process changed?

Throughout each chapter, we break down the best sales proposal practices that may make or break your group and event sales success in 2021 and beyond. 

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