Case Study: Coakley Williams

Coakley Williams Hotel Management Company
How a Leading Hotel Management Company Solved the Challenges of Groups Sales with STS Cloud

For hoteliers, optimizing the group and events business segment is no small task. In fact, it was a challenge that Coakley & Williams’ various hotels frequently faced.

A privately owned hotel management firm, Coakley & Williams has grown tremendously over the years while providing trademark, quality service to an expansive portfolio of hotels. With properties including La Quinta Orlando/Seaworld, Holiday Inn Express, Best Western Plus, and Candlewood Suites, the management company was positioned as an ideal client to employ our STS Cloud Hotel Sales and Catering System.

The Problem

Group business is an undeniably important part of a hotel’s revenue optimization strategy. However, leading up to 2019, many Coakley & Williams hotels still relied on costly legacy systems that were costly to maintain, didn’t optimize productivity, and lacked a user-friendly interface. Without a modern sales and catering software solution, hotel employees could not manage leads efficiently, seamlessly collaborate with internal teams and clients, grow banquet revenues, and drive group bookings. Moreover, they were unable to appropriately track performance, identify inefficiencies, and implement growth strategies. In order to meet revenue goals while proactively managing client relationships, these properties required a system that centralized all accounts and data within one, cloud-based sales and catering platform.

The Solution

The partnership between and Coakley & Williams brought measurable improvements in staff productivity and functionality throughout the sales and catering funnel. Coakley & Williams serves some of the nation’s highest-performing hotel markets and, with access to full-featured CRM capabilities, STS Cloud offers the company an opportunity to truly optimize the sales process.

The user-friendly interface, streamlined document workflows, booking management, lead management, and detailed reporting, the solution is designed to enhance productivity and empower staff to focus on building guest relationships that drive more business.

As a trusted, full-service sales and catering partner that boasts easy integration across multiple systems, STS Cloud was positioned to deliver exceptional client communication. Combined with access to anytime-anywhere data that informs a more personalized hospitality experience, STS Cloud represented an integral and affordable operational upgrade for Coakley & Williams hotels.

The Results

With STS Cloud, Coakley & Williams hotels to identify the following improvements:

  • Increased automation
  • Improved client personalization + relationship management
  • Revenue optimization
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved lead management
  • Increased repeat bookings
  • Simplified workflows
  • Detailed, data-backed reporting

“We have seven hotels on STS Cloud now and will convert all our non-Hiltons from our legacy sales and catering systems to STS Cloud. provides excellent service and professional support that is superior to our legacy system provider. STS Cloud is very user-friendly and affordable. This is very important for anyone considering a change or opening a new hotel.

We decided to keep the STS Cloud system after we used it and discovered it had all the functionality we wanted and was easy for our teams to use. From a corporate standpoint, I can login to my corporate dashboard and see the properties’ operation in real time. The system is easy access and the reports are laid out well. This makes the system intuitive to use.

Our conversions to the Cloud system went well. We wanted a Cloud sales and catering system for its remote access. STS Cloud works on any mobile device our sales team wants to use so they have access to property and meeting room availability when they are meeting with clients. STS Cloud puts sales teams in command of the facts wherever they are as they prospect new business or manage active accounts.”

Michael W. Parent, CHDM,
Sr. Vice President
Sales & Marketing
Coakley & Williams

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