Case Study: A1 Hospitality Group

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How A1 Hospitality Transformed Sales Across Properties with STS Cloud

Any hotel relying on a fragmented sales process or technology will, over time, suffer from those inadequacies and inefficiencies — and the property’s bottom line will ultimately pay the price.

It is precisely this realization that frequently inspires hotels to switch from legacy technology to new-age, best-in-class platforms to solidify their continued evolution and long-term success.

A-1 Hospitality Group, located in Pasco, WA, specializes in hotel property management. A familyowned and operated business, the company’s mission is to provide the highest quality of guest experience since 1997. To achieve that goal, the brand ensures that every property within its portfolio continuously exceeds guest expectations.

Eager to maintain its exemplary reputation and position their five premier properties in Oregon and Washington State for success leading into the future, A-1 Hospitality implemented STS Cloud to transform their sales processes.

The Problem

A-1 Hospitality notes that the success of their brand is based upon its employees and, as such, they strive to create a healthy, supportive, and positive work environment. To remain aligned with this mission, A-1 Hospitality identified the need for updated, support-driven technology; specifically, an all-in-one sales and catering platform that promised to automate, simplify, and streamline internal processes.

A-1 Hospitality hotels required a system that not only had a powerful functionality for all event sales processes but was also easy for their team to use. Moreover, they wanted to simplify the process of prospecting new business and managing client relationships while bringing their group business segment to the cloud.

The Solution

After reviewing a variety of vendors, A-1 Hospitality identified STS Cloud by SalesAndCatering. com as the most affordable and full-featured solution on the market. The brand was especially interested in the remote functionality offered by the platform, which would allow their team members to access critical guest information from anywhere, anytime.

This transition from legacy technology to the flexibility offered by a cloud-based solution would lay the foundation for stronger client relationships, improved internal collaboration, and a scalable future for all A-1 Hospitality properties.

STS Cloud offers A-1 Hospitality hotels an excellent event planning tool and meeting space calendar, and also offers the best-in-class Opera 2-way PMS interface. Moreover, A-1 Hospitality aptly recognized that offered superior training and hyper-personalized service, which would help to streamline the implementation process and enforce staff adoption across properties.

The Results

The STS Cloud platform was able to make a tremendous impact on the sales process. The on-going engagement between and A-1 Hospitality has proven to be incredibly successful, providing a number of measurable enhancements that have helped to integrate sales for Marriott, IHG, and their independent hotels.

  • Increased automation 
  • Improved personalization + relationship management 
  • Revenue optimization 
  • Reduced costs Improved lead management 
  • Increased repeat bookings 
  • Simplified workflows 
  • Detailed, data-backed reporting

“Our transition to STS Cloud was amazing. The support during the upgrade was excellent, and’s team made the installation easy. The STS team was always available to answer questions as we got deeper into the system.

Training online was easy, and we used our laptops to test out system functionality with our operation. STS Cloud’s help screens are so clear we have not had to call the 800 number once.

ProposalPath is a fast, online proposal generation tool that is fully integrated with STS Cloud. It is a flexible, effective proposal tool. The property teams use ProposalPath to create custom proposals quickly. When a client is on our website asking for a proposal, the request feeds into ProposalPath.

The system provides a fast, smooth process to generate a proposal based on the client’s exact requirements and the property’s attributes. We expect to be able to use STS Cloud’s cross-sell capability in the future to enhance group meeting capacity.”

Preena Patel
Administrative Director
A-1 Hospitality Group

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